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GBAMP Multiboot

(c) 2005 by Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel
based on Chishm's GBAMP-FAT driver

With GBAMP Multiboot you will be able to run several different homebrew
applications and games from only one CompactFlash-Card without using a computer
every time you wish to change the active game.

GBAMP Multiboot delivers an easy to use interface to select and start your


  • a firmware-flashed NintendoDS or a NintendoDS with a working PassMe
  • a GBAMP (GBA Movie Player v2 from movieadvance), flashed with Chishm's
    firmware v2
  • a compatible CF-Card (FAT-formatted)

How to run homebrew with it:

  1. download the .rar archive through the link on the right side
  2. extract all files of this archive to your CF-Card with "mb_data" and
    "_boot_mp.nds" in the root directory
  3. copy the NDS files you wish to run onto the card
  4. plug your CF-Card into the GBAMP and the GBAMP into your DS
  5. turn on your DS
  6. use the UP and DOWN keys to select the file you want. You can enter
    subdirectories with the A-key, and return to the parent-directory with the
  7. Press A and continue the load with the [Start] or abort with [Select]
  8. Have fun!

Latest Changes (all times in CET):

    31.10.2005 - 19:45
  • added icon transparency, pixel #0 (upper left) will be taken as key color
  • added loading bar. A little blue bar is moving, to let you know that it's
    not yet crashed
  • 19.10.2005 - 18:15
  • fixed first file shown as dir
  • added first functions for an upcoming *secret* feature ;)
  • fixed crash in CacheDir()
  • fixed possible crash in the continue screen
  • sorted filelist
    15.10.2005 - 23:45
  • added a build count. current build is no 4
  • fixed a blackscreen bug in the bootup code
  • continue screen is now customizeable
  • keys can be changed now
    09.10.2005 - 18:45
  • screen now updates before scroll delay on touch
  • fixed continue screen on CF removal
  • fixed a bug that did not return to the last viewed dir
  • added a simple txt/ini viewer
    08.10.2005 - 21:25
  • Enabled FileListSize parameter
  • Added FileListColor_R/G/B parameters
  • Added Description* parameters
  • Added Icon* parameters
  • Added font.ini for font customizations
  • Hidden files or folders don't show in list anymore
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a reload of multiboot
  • Added a parameter to list the files vertical centered
  • Touchscreen selection scrolls now correct
    03.10.2005 - 20:30
  • Changed lower screen to graphics mode
  • Enabled touchscreen support
  • Fixed bug in the loader code
  • added layout.ini file for customizations
    02.10.2005 - 22:00
  • Changed the confirmation to [A] or [B] instead of
    [START] or [SELECT]
  • Added a Continue screen when gbamp is removed, instead
    of unpredicted behave
  • Added a "icon=" option in .mbe files to include your
    custom icon for your plugin
  • Included LunarCrisis's dspng.nds, a PNG viewer plugin.
    Thanks LunarCrisis, very well done!
  • If the parameter is present on bootup, it now starts in this folder 18.09.2005 - 20:40
  • time mapping of dsmpeg.nds is (partly) working now.
    a mpeg1 192x144x26 video can be played skipping B-frames
    leaving about 16% cputime (where i currently just pause)
    to decypher or transfer the audio to the ARM7
  • implemented audio fifo to the demuxer. The fifo is
    immediately cleared again to prevent memleak since i don't
    decode the data yet. 17.09.2005 - 19:40
  • added mpeg-system demultiplexer, so real mpg can be
    played now. The sound data is still ignored atm
  • fixed a bug with m1v streams with a width bigger then 255px
    16.09.2005 - 20:20
  • added mean to add fileviewer
    if you create a [extension].mbe file in
    the /mb_data/ext folder, you can implement a
    3rd party viewer. See m1v.mbe as an example.
    The "open=" param in this file selects the nds
    to run with. The filename itself is stored and can
    be accessed by the child-prog with (char *)0x27FF810,
    which is zero on no param startup.
  • added viewer for mpeg video streams (probs when with audio)
    It is based on libmpeg2, compiled without modifications. Source
    of the host prog (the viewer itself) will be available when it
    is a bit more stable
    11.09.2005 - 19:00
  • cached directory entries, should boost speed noticeable
  • added support of long filenames
  • filenames not matchin screensize, are scrolling
    11.09.2005 - 16:30
  • added continuous cursor move
  • removed some unneccesary redraws
  • changed to chishm's method to load NDS via firmware v2 boot
    .ds.gba files will still use the old way, but are atm somewhat screwed
    as i am currently still testing some things there
    10.09.2005 - 12:45
  • changed filelist and continue screen a bit
  • added about screen (on [SELECT])
  • fixed recognizing of [.] and [..] folder (backlinks)
  • included reset procedures
    04.09.2005 - 20:13
  • fixed a bug not displaying file #2 in any directory
  • added load of ds.gba files (created with the std loader)
    the other .gba files will need much more time 03.09.2005 - 20:15
  • fixed a bug in the cleanup preventing drugwars to run
    03.09.2005 - 18:30
  • Moonshell runs! (Continued cleanup code)
    03.09.2005 - 16:40
  • Added first part of the cleanup code, this increased already
    the compatibility. (Xricks now runs)


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