GBAMP Multiboot

(c) 2005 by Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel
based on Chishm's GBAMP-FAT driver


Layout.ini explained

The file "layout.ini" is located in the folder /mb_data/ and contains the
settings which define the look of  GBAMP-MultiBoot. It consists of
multiple lines of the form "parameter=value". This document shall explain the
meaning of each parameter and its possible values.

  1. Screen backgrounds
  2. Colors
  3. Element placement
  4. Keys
  5. Other things

1. Screen backgounds.

There are 3 backgrounds which are displayed on the different screens at
times. They are

  • The upper screen, showing infos on the current selected file ("UpperScreen=")
  • The lower screen, showing the directory content ("LowerScreen=")
  • The continue screen, displayed on the lower screen after a .NDS file was
    selected or the GBAMP was removed ("ContinueScreen=")

You can change the parameters to point to any 256x192 24Bit-BMP file. Standard
files are:




2. Colors

Several places of text can be custom colored. In detail there are:

  • FileListColor
  • Description
  • Continue

Each of these has 3 parameter lines: "*_R","*_G" and "*_B". Which may
contain a decimal value between 0 and 255 representing the red, green and blue
part of the color to use.

  • Black is r = 0, g = 0, b = 0
  • White is r = 255, g = 255, b = 255
  • Red is r = 255, g = 0, b = 0
  • ...

Check Paint or you favorite Image editor for the rgb values for
the color of your choice


3. Element Placement

Most of the data and touch sensitive areas are replaceable. You can
define custom locations for:

  • Go-Button ("Go")
  • Yes-Button ("Yes")
  • No-Button ("No")
  • Folder listing ("FileList")
  • File-Details ("Description")
  • Continue message ("Continue")
  • File-Icon ("Icon")

Each of these points consists of  4 entries, defining Top,Left,Bottom and
Right coordinate. However not every element needs all 4 coordinates, and will
work with the Top and Left coordinate alone.


4. Keys

You can customize all action keys except the dirction keys. There are

  • KeyRun
  • KeyUpdir
  • KeyAbort
  • KeyContinue

Every key can be assigned to them using its value. Adding multiple values will
allow the user to press the one or the other key to execute the action.

  • 1 = A
  • 2 = B
  • 4 = SELECT
  • 8 = START
  • 16 = RIGHT
  • 32 = LEFT
  • 64 =  BOTTOM
  • 128 = TOP
  • 256 = R
  • 512 = L

Therefor  "KeyAbort=768" would abort the continue screen on the press or R
or L


5. Other things


defines a timespan to wait till another mousescroll will be triggered
if the stylus remains on the touchscreen. Too low values makes it difficult to


defines the vertical span between the first pixel of each textline


a value of 0: shows the list starting at the first avaulable position,
the file-marker moves till it reaches the end of the visible part of the list.
Then the file list itself starts to scroll in the next files.

a value of 1: shows the file-marker centered in the file list. the
filelist entries scroll up and down each move.


defines the text that is displayed on the continuescreen when CF card
was removed


defines the text that is displayed on the continuescreen when a NDS is
selected to run. The first "%s" within will be replaced with the filename.


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