GBAMP Multiboot

(c) 2005 by Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel
based on Chishm's GBAMP-FAT driver


*.mbe explained

The files *.mbe in the folder /mb_data/ext define the loaders handling of
specific file types. Every *.mbe is works exactly for one file type. I.e.
"mpg.mbe" will define the handling of every file with the ending ".mpg"

  1. Description
  2. Icon
  3. Loader


1. Description

The parameter "label=" defines the description that is shown on upper screen
when a file of this type is selected

2. Icon

The parameter "Icon=" controls which icon is displayed on upper screen when a
file of this type is selected. The Icon has to be 24x24 Pixels big saved as
24bit uncompressed BMP.

3. Loader

The parameter "Open=" defines which
NDS will be started to open/play/view the selected filetype. The NDS is loaded
and the filename of selected item will be copied to a undeleted space which can
be accessed by the NDS. The parameter can be accessed using the
(char *)0x027FF810 pointer.


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